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Personal financial situation

28 Jun 2010

Q. Over the next 12 months do you think your personal financial situation will get better, get worse or stay much the same?

29 Mar 10 28 Jun 10
Total better 40% 29%
Total worse 23% 31%
Get a lot better 8% 5%
Get a little better 32% 24%
Get a little worse 17% 21%
Get a lot worse 6% 10%
Stay much the same 33% 37%
No opinion 4% 4%

Respondents were similarly divided over whether their personal financial situation will get better or worse over the next 12 months – 29% (down 11%) think it will get better and 31% (up 8%) worse. 37% (up 4%) think it will stay much the same. Although this represents a significant negative shift, it is not as big a shift as the overall economic outlook from the previous question.

Men (32% better/25% worse) were more optimistic than women (25%/35%). Optimism was also higher for upper income groups  – those earning over $1,600 pw split 42% better/23% worse while those earning under $1,000 pw split 18% better/36% worse.