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Performance of the Independents

10 Oct 2011

Q. Regardless of how you vote in federal elections, how would you rate the performance of the following Independent MPs in federal parliament?

Total Good Total Bad Very Good Good Bad Very Bad Don’t know
Rob Oakeshott 23% 34% 3% 20% 16% 18% 42%
Tony Windsor 23% 32% 4% 19% 18% 14% 44%
Andrew Wilkie 24% 34% 3% 21% 16% 18% 42%
Bob Katter 27% 36% 6% 21% 19% 17% 37%

Respondents struggle to rate the performance of the Independents, with the most common response being ‘don’t know’.  However, in the case of Bob Katter, respondents are more likely to have a view, with the ‘don’t knows’ dropping 5 points from about 42% to 37% in Katter’s case.

The performance of Rob Oakeshott, Tony Windsor and Andrew Wilkie are rated as more or less the same with about 23% of respondents regarding their performance as good and 33% regarding it as bad. Bob Katter came out on top by a fraction, with 27% rating his performance as good.

However, in all instances, more respondents rate the performance of the Independents as bad, with Katter also earning the most criticism (36% bad).

Ratings do not vary greatly by state or territory, save that respondents in Queensland are significantly more likely to rate the performance of Bob Katter as good (38% total good). Respondents in NSW are somewhat more likely to rate the performance of Tony Windsor as good (27% total good).