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Performance of Parties and Politicians

Sep 13, 2010


Q. How would you rate the performance of the following parties and politicians since the election?

  Total good Total poor Very good Good Average Poor Very poor
Labor Party 38% 34% 12% 26% 28% 26% 8%
Liberal and National Parties 40% 31% 10% 30% 30% 22% 9%
The Greens 28% 39% 5% 23% 33% 28% 11%
The independents 27% 42% 5% 22% 31% 31% 11%

Respondents rated the performance of the Coalition parties since the election a little higher than that of the Labor Party. The Coalition parties were rated 40% good/31% poor compared to Labor’s 38% good/34% poor.

Ratings of the Greens (28% good/39% poor) and the independents (27%/42%) were both negative.

In terms of party preferences, 78% of Labor voters rated Labor good, 70% of Coalition voters rated the Coalition parties good and 71% of Greens voters rated the Greens good. Voters for independents and other parties were split on the performance of the independents – 37% good/30% poor.

 45% of Labor voters rated the independents’ performance as good and 58% of Coalition voters rated them poor.


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