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Party trust to handle Asylum Seeker issue

Oct 25, 2010

Q. Which party would you trust most to handle the issue of asylum seekers?

Total Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens
The Labor Party 25% 57% 2% 38%
The Liberal Party 37% 8% 80% 8%
No difference 25% 27% 11% 46%
Don’t know 13% 8% 7% 8%

37% of respondents trust the Liberal Party most to handle the asylum seeker issue and 25% trust the Labor Party most.

57% of Labor voters trust the Labor Party most and 80% of Liberal/National voters trust the Liberal Party most. 46% of Greens voters and 55% of other voters think there is no difference between the Labor and Liberal Parties on the issue.


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