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Party Trust to Handle Asylum Seeker Issue

Jul 12, 2010

Q. Which party would you trust most to handle the issue of asylum seekers?

  12 July 10 4 April 10
The Labor Party 24% 23%
The Liberal Party 31% 34%
No difference 33% 28%
Don’t know 12% 15%

 24% trust the Labor Party most to handle the issue of asylum seekers, 31% trust the Liberal Party most and 45% think there is no difference or don’t know. This represents only a small change since this question was asked three months ago – the gap between Labor and Liberal has closed from 11% to 7% and the proportion that thinks there is no difference is up 5%.

54% of Labor voters trust the Labor Party most and 33% say there is no difference while 75% of Liberal/National voters trust the Liberal Party and only 18% think there is no difference. 47% of Greens voters think there is no difference, 31% trust the Labor Party most and 11% the Liberal Party.


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