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Party Attributes Comparison – Labor vs Liberal

Apr 27, 2011

Labor Liberal

% difference
Divided 66% 49% +17%
Will promise to do anything to win votes 72% 65% +7%
Out of touch with ordinary people 61% 54% +7%
Extreme 38% 36% +2%
Looks after the interests of working people 39% 38% +1%
Moderate 51% 55% -4%
Have a vision for the future 43% 48% -5%
Has a good team of leaders 34% 40% -6%
Understands the problems facing Australia 40% 51% -11%
Keeps its promises 20% 33% -13%
Too close to the big corporate and financial interests 46% 60% -14%
Clear about what they stand for 28% 44% -16%

When these questions were last asked in March 2010, the Labor Party had significant leads over the Liberal Party on all positive attributes.

For this survey, the only attribute on which there is any significant advantage for the Labor Party is  “too close to the big corporate and financial interests” (Labor 46%/Liberals 60%).

The Liberal Party is seen more favourably in terms of being divided, clear about what they stand for, keeps it promises and understands the problems facing Australia.


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