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Paid Parental Leave

Jun 28, 2010

Q. The Federal Government has recently passed legislation for paid parental leave which provides parents with 18 weeks of paid leave at the minimum wage of $543 a week. Do you approve or disapprove of this decision?

Total approve 55%
Total disapprove 33%
Strongly approve 21%
Approve 34%
Disapprove 18%
Strongly disapprove 15%
Don’t know 11%

55% approved the Government’s paid parental leave scheme and 33% dispproved. Support was weaker among Liberal/National voters – 48% approve/43% disapprove. Labor voters split 64%/29% and Greens 68%/23%.

Younger respondent were much more supportive than older respondents – among those aged under 35, 75% approved and 9% disapproved.

41% of those aged 55+ approved and 53% disapproved. Women (58%/32%) were a little more supportive than men (53%/35%).


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