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Opinion of Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party

May 24, 2010

Q. Would you say that your view of Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party has become more or less favourable in recent weeks?

Total more favourable 26%
Total less favourable 34%
Much more favourable 7%
A little more favourable 19%
A little less favourable 13%
Much less favourable 21%
No change 36%
Don’t know 4%

 34% of respondents said their view of Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party had become less favourable over recent weeks and 26% said they had become more favourable.

55% of Coalition voters said they had become more favourable and 13% less favourable. Labor voters split 8% more favourable/52% less favourable and Greens voters 15% more favourable/61% less favourable.

 31% of men had become more favourable compared to 22% of women.

Those on higher incomes had the most favourable view – respondents with incomes over $1,600 pw were 34% more favourable/32% less favourable.


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