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Opinion of Bill Shorten

Jun 7, 2016

Q. Over the last few weeks, from what you have read or heard about the election campaign, has your opinion of the opposition leader Bill Shorten become more favourable or less favourable?

  Total   Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens Vote other
Become more favourable 20%   42% 7% 24% 13%
Become less favourable 21%   6% 39% 11% 29%
Hasn’t changed 53%   48% 52% 59% 57%
Don’t know 6%   5% 3% 6% 2%

20% say they have become more favourable toward Bill Shorten over the last few weeks and 21% say they have become less favourable.

42% of Labor voters have become more favourable and 6% less favourable.


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