Next Generation Capitalism

Aug 7, 2012
Essential Research

Does capitalism have a future? Well, it certainly has done a number on billions of working people over the past few decades. But, a network of people are grappling with this question: Can there be a Next Generation of capitalism that looks and acts differently?

That’s the topic of a panel tonight in Melbourne. Yours truly is taking part. Here are some questions we’ll be addressing:

  • What do you think the world learnt from the GFC?
  • The pursuit of profit at any cost by business is on the nose around the world – Can there be a Next Generation of capitalism that looks and acts differently?
  • Are the objectives of maximizing shareholder value and pursuing social purpose diametrically opposed – can they ever be reconciled?
  • Can business truly deliver profit as well as social and environmental outcomes to solve some of world’s wicked problems?
  • Do we need alternative business models – like the cooperative model – to re-emerge and grow?
  • Can this social business movement really become the mainstream? Or can it comfortably co-exist?
  • What do you believe the 99% movement was really saying?

Enablers / barriers to a new form of capitalism:

  • Does capitalism need to be transformed through different business models or is it enough for social enterprise to influence the way corporates do business?
  • What’s the motivation for an entrepreneur to establish a social enterprise rather than a purely profit driven business?
  • What is standing in the way of this Next Generation of capitalism?
  • How do you make the business case that more responsible capitalism benefits shareholders?
  • What’s the role of shareholders in this new world of ‘more responsible’ business?
  • What’s the role of government’s in this new era of more responsible capitalism?
  • What are B Corporations in the US? Should Australia be introducing the same kind of legislation?
  • What’s already working?  How can it be built upon?

Growth vs responsibility?

  • Are you saying it’s time to stop chasing growth and start pursuing happiness?
  • Have societies forgotten how to cooperate?
  • What flow on benefits might society reap from a more diversified business landscape?
  • Should economies still measure their performance according to output using Gross Domestic Product, or instead use measures such as quality of life, security, social justice and sustainability?

The role of the consumer:

  • In what ways has consumer thinking changed?
  • How can we make the economy work for us, instead of the other way around?

What do YOU think? Leave a comment here.



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