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New Campaign: South Australian Working People

Apr 1, 2011

South Australian unions are campaigning to pressure the State Government into reversing its Budget decisions which will cut more 3,700 jobs and have attacked the negotiated working conditions of South Australian public sector workers.

The unions’ believe that South Australia needs a real Labor Government that will put the interests of working people first, not one which legislates away the entitlements of its workforce.

The unions believe they have an important role to play in the community and in the wider political debate by advocating on behalf of workers when governments make decisions.

EMC was engaged late last year to run the campaign for SA Unions, using digital, advertising and a free media strategy

EMC has developed two television ads, the first of which began screening in early March. This sets the scene for the campaign, with SA Unions State Secretary Janet Giles talking to camera, outlining exactly what the government has done and saying, “It’s time the government put working people first.”

The second ad, which hit the airwaves a fortnight later, features an ambulance officer and a nurse in a suburban kitchen, explaining how cuts to emergency services and hospitals are hitting they people they look after.

Both ads direct people to which has more information about the campaign and some actions they can take to make their feelings known to the Government.

Splash page website

Splash page website



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