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NBN speed and reliability

Jan 15, 2019

Q. Would you say that your NBN internet service is better or worse than your previous service in terms of speed and reliability?

All people with NBN connection at home/work All people with NBN connection at home All people with NBN connection at work
NET: Better 51% 52% 58%
NET: Worse 17% 16% 13%
Much better 24% 25% 28%
A little better 27% 28% 29%
About the same 30% 30% 28%
A little worse 10% 9% 8%
Much worse 7% 7% 4%
Don’t know 2% 1% 2%

An NBN connection has improved the speed and reliability of internet connection in just over half of cases (51%), with 30% of those with NBN connection noticing no difference, and 17% claiming a worse service.


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