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Most Important Issues

Feb 26, 2019

Q. Which of the following issues are the most important for the Federal Government to address over the next 12 months?

% Top
Improve the health system 31%
Reduce utility bills 31%
Create jobs and reduce unemployment 28%
Increase housing affordability 25%
Limit the amount of migration to Australia 24%
Crack down on tax avoidance by big companies 22%
Improve wages and working conditions 22%
Protection of the environment 16%
Promote renewable energy 15%
Provide more money for education 14%
Maintain strong border protection 14%
Provide tax cuts 12%
Reduce the budget deficit 12%
Ensure the security of energy supply 11%
Combat domestic crime 11%
Combat international crime and terrorism 6%
Improve conditions for refugees and asylum seekers 6%

The most important issues were improving the health system (31% placed it in their top three), reducing utility bills (31%) and creating jobs and reducing unemployment (28%).

There was comparatively little importance placed in improving conditions for refugees and asylum seekers (6% placed it in their top three), and combating international crime and terrorism (6%).


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