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Nov 7, 2011

Q. Thinking about where you get your news, on an average day which of the following media would you use? (multiple response)

Q. And which one is your main source of news?

Total used Main source Total use (weekdays) Dec 10
Daily newspaper 41% 13% 42%
Commercial (free-to-air) TV news 60% 31% 64%
ABC TV news 32% 8% 32%
SBS TV news 15% 2% 12%
Pay TV news 11% 3% 10%
Commercial radio news 28% 5% 27%
ABC radio news 18% 5% 17%
Internet news sites – e.g. newspaper sites, ABC, etc 59% 30% 55%
Internet blogs 8% * 6%
None of them 2% 2% 5%

The most used media for daily news were commercial TV news (60% use daily), internet news sites (59%) and daily newspapers (41%).

Since this question was last asked in December last year, usage of internet news sites has increased a little (+4%) and commercial TV news decreased a little (-4%).

The main sources of news were commercial TV news (31%) and internet news sites (30%).

Commercial TV news was the main source of news for 38% of those aged 45-64, 36% of women and 44% of part-time workers.

Internet news sites were the main source of news for 43% of those aged under 35 and 36% of full-time workers.

Daily newspapers were the main source of news for 26% of those aged 65+.


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