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Likely result of cutting penalty rates

Jul 28, 2015

Q. What do you think would be the more likely result of cutting penalty rates for hospitality and retail workers?

  Total   Vote Labor Vote Lib/
Vote Greens Vote Other   Work full time Work part time   Jan 2015
Businesses will make bigger profits 61% 74% 50% 68% 68% 57% 58% 63%
Businesses will employ more workers 20% 12% 31% 18% 23% 27% 17% 18%
Don’t know 19% 14% 19% 13% 10% 16% 25% 18%

61% think that cutting penalty rates will more likely result in businesses making bigger profits while 20% think the more likely result will be that businesses will employ more workers – a similar result to the last time this question was asked in January.

A substantial majority of all demographic groups believe it will more likely result in bigger profits for businesses. Those most likely to think it will mean businesses will make bigger profits were Labor voters (74%), Greens voters (68%) and incomes less than $1,000 pw (67%)

Only Liberal/National voters have a somewhat different view – 50% think it is more likely to result in bigger profits and 31% more jobs.


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