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Leadership during bushfires

14 Jan 2020

Q. Do you approve or disapprove of Scott Morrison/Gladys Berejiklian/Daniel Andrews’s handling of the bushfire crisis?

  NET: Approve NET: Disapprove Strongly approve Approve Disapprove Strongly disapprove Don’t know
Scott Morrison

(Asked in all states, n=1,081)

32% 57% 8% 24% 21% 36% 11%
Gladys Berejiklian

(Asked in NSW only, n=333)

55% 22% 14% 43% 14% 9% 22%
Daniel Andrews

(Asked in VIC only, n=275)

58% 20% 14% 44% 13% 7% 22%


NET: APPROVE Total Federal Voting Intention
Labor Coalition NET: Other
Scott Morrison

(Asked in all states,  n=1,081)

32% 11% 64% 23%
Gladys Berejiklian

(Asked in NSW only, n=333)

55% 54% 71% 40%
Daniel Andrews

(Asked in VIC only, n=333)

58% 67% 63% 37%
  • Around a third (32%) of people approve of Scott Morrison’s handing of the current bushfires crisis, with just 8% strongly approving of his performance. 36% strongly disapprove of his performance.
  • Comparatively, state premiers Berejiklian and Andrews have performed well, with over half of people in each state approving of their handling of the crisis (55% in NSW and 58% in Victoria).
  • The majority of Scott Morrison’s approval is coming from within his own supporter base, with 64% of intended Coalition voters approving of his performance during the crisis. Just 11% of Labor voters and 23% of those voting for another party approve of his performance.