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Leaders and Australian Values

Jul 19, 2010

 Q. Do you agree or disagree that this definition of Australian values describes the political leaders Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott and Bob Brown?

  Julia Gillard Tony Abbott Bob Brown
Total agree 64% 39% 36%
Total disagree 18% 40% 31%
Strongly agree 21% 7% 8%
Agree 43% 32% 28%
Disagree 12% 25% 18%
Strongly disagree 6% 15% 13%
Don’t know 17% 21% 34%

64% agreed that the definition of Australian values describes Julia Gillard, 39% Tony Abbott and 36% Bob Brown.

Among their own voters – 90% of Labor voters agreed they describe Julia Gillard, 73% of Liberal/National voters agreed they describe Tony Abbott and 72% of Greens voters agreed they describe Bob Brown.

By gender – 62% of men and 68% of women agree they describe Julia Gillard and 43% of men and 34% of women agree they describe Tony Abbott.


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