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Jobs and trade

Aug 9, 2016

Q. Overall, would you say Australian trade with other countries creates more jobs for Australia, loses more jobs for Australia or has no effect on Australian jobs?

  Total   Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens Vote other
Creates jobs 28%   28% 36% 32% 12%
Loses jobs 40%   47% 32% 28% 58%
No effect 10%   5% 12% 11% 12%
Don’t know 23%   20% 20% 28% 18%

40% think that trade with other countries loses more jobs for Australia and 28% think it gains more jobs.

Those most likely to think trade creates more Australian jobs were Liberal/National voters (36%), incomes over $2,000 pw (36%) and university educated (36%),

Those who think Australia loses more jobs from trade were more likely to be aged 55+ (47%), Labor voters (47%) and other party and independent voters (58%).


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