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Interest in upcoming Grand Finals

Sep 26, 2011

Q. Which of the following upcoming sporting events are you most interested in?

Total Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens
The AFL Grand Final 32% 35% 33% 28%
The NRL Grand Final 20% 19% 22% 17%
The Rugby World Cup 10% 9% 12% 10%
None of the above 38% 37% 34% 44%

Whilst 38% of respondents had no interest in any of the upcoming football finals, 32% were most interested in the AFL, 20% in the NRL and only 10% in the Rugby World Cup.

Female respondents are far more likely to state that they were not interested in any of the upcoming sport events (47%), as were respondents aged 18-24 yeas old (46%).

Respondents from NSW are far more likely to have an interest in the Rugby World Cup (15%) and the NRL Grand Final (35%).

Respondents from QLD are also far more likely to have an interest in the NRL Grand Final (32%).

Victorian respondents are the most likely to be most interested in the AFL Grand Final (67%).


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