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Intended vote in same sex marriage survey

Oct 23, 2017

Q. The question in the national postal vote on same-sex marriage is “Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry? Do you intend to vote yes or no? (Based on those who have not yet voted)

  Total Men Women   Will

def-initely vote

Will prob-ably vote Will not vote   3 Oct
Intend to vote yes 39% 38% 40% 64% 48% 17% 50%
Intend to vote no 33% 35% 31% 31% 39% 36% 36%
Don’t know 28% 28% 28% 5% 13% 47% 14%



Of those who have not voted, 39% say they will vote yes and 33% no. However, of those who will definitely vote, 64% will vote yes and 31% no.


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