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Institutional Racism in Australia

10 Jun 2020

Q. Institutional racism is where the institutions in a society are biased in a way that means particular ethnic groups are disadvantaged.

For example, Indigenous Australians are more likely to be arrested in some situations; whereas, white (European) Australians are more likely to be warned, cautioned or diverted away from the criminal justice system. Additionally, Indigenous Australians are more likely to die in custody than white Australians. To some people these arguments show that there is institutional racism against Indigenous Australians.

Which of the following best describes your view of institutional racism in Australia?

  Total Federal Voting Intention
Labor Coalition Greens TOTAL: Other
There is no racism in Australian police forces 9% 7% 11% 8% 11%
While there may be isolated incidents involving racism, police forces in Australia are not institutionally racist against Indigenous Australians 43% 40% 54% 21% 50%
There is institutional racism in Australian police forces which is shown through many examples of discrimination against Indigenous Australians 30% 36% 19% 56% 29%
I do not know enough about the issue to provide a view 18% 16% 16% 15% 10%
Base (n) 1,073 325 419 90 136