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Importance of Carbon Pricing Issue

Aug 1, 2011

Q. How important is the issue of the carbon pricing scheme in deciding which party you would vote for?

Total Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens
Very important 30% 25% 39% 33%
Somewhat important 29% 28% 31% 35%
A little important 21% 25% 16% 18%
Not at all important 13% 18% 12% 8%
Don’t know 7% 3% 2% 6%

30% say that the carbon pricing scheme is very important to their voting decision and 29% say it is somewhat important. Liberal/National voters are more likely to consider it very important (39%).

The carbon pricing issue is more important to those who are opposed than those who support it. 68% of those who oppose the scheme say it is very/somewhat important compared to 58% of those who support it.


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