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Impact of national security ministry

Jul 25, 2017

Q. Do you think this new ministry will strengthen Australia’s national security, weaken our national security or make little difference?

  Total   Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens Vote Other
Will strengthen national security 45%   36% 63% 27% 45%
Will weaken national security 8%   13% 5% 17% 5%
Will make little difference 28%   35% 21% 33% 29%
Don’t know 19%   16% 11% 23% 20%

45% think the new ministry will strengthen national security, 8% think it will weaken security and 28% think it will make little difference.

Those most likely to think it will strengthen security were Liberal/National voters (63%) and aged 65+ (54%).

Those most likely to think it will weaken security or make little difference were Labor voters (48%) and Greens voters (50%).


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