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  • Insecurity: It’s Not Your Fault

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    Before you read the thoughts of Janelle, Kathy, Andrea, Ewen and Penelope, you should prepare the right way: in the sixty seconds, whatever you do, under no circumstances should you think of PINK ELEPHANTS. NO PINK ELEPHANTS.

    Of course, if you are human, your mind was immediately flooded with nothing but images of pink elephants.

  • Bring Back The Bears!

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    No, this isn’t a plea to save the big white polar guys lumbering about on the disappearing ice floes of Greenland. The Central Coast Bears! The pride of the Central Coast rugby is making a big-time move to return to its fans.

  • Family Values Except for Surrogacy?

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    A week rarely goes by when some political figure doesn’t rise up to praise the concept of family. So, it seems odd, and even a little bizarre, to learn that people who want to start a family can end up fined and in jail.

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