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Gun Laws

Nov 1, 2016

Q. Do you think Australian gun ownership laws are too strong, not strong enough or about right?

  Total   Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens Vote other   July 2015
Too strong 6%   6% 5% 15%   6%
Not strong enough 44%   47% 49% 47% 39%   45%
About right 45%   44% 43% 48% 43%   40%
Don’t know 5%   4% 3% 5% 2%   10%

While 45% of Australians think that our gun ownership laws are ‘about right’, almost the same amount (44%) think that they are ‘not strong enough’.

These results replicate those from July 2015.

The results are consistent across voting groups, however ‘other’ voters are slightly more likely than the average to think that gun ownership laws are ‘too strong’. However even amongst these voters the largest proportion say they are ‘about right’ (43%).


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