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27 Apr 2010

Q9. Would you be prepared to pay more GST if it was:

  Yes No Don’t know
Directly invested in hospitals and health services 42% 48% 10%
Invested in aged pensions 38% 50% 12%
Directly invested in vital infrastructure like roads and railways 28% 59% 12%
Paid off all our national debt 20% 66% 13%
Created a fund for Australia to invest in other countries (like China does) 11% 74% 15%

Respondents were most likely to support an increase in GST if it was directly invested in hospitals and health services (42%) and invested in aged pensions (38%).

However, those opposed to increasing the GST outnumbered those in favour for all options. Increasing GST to pay off national debt was strongly rejected (66%).

Labor voters were a little more supportive of paying more GST to invest in infrastructure (36%) and hospitals and health services (45%). Liberal/National voters were more likely to support increasing GST for investing in aged pensions (44%).