Government Support for Industries

Nov 8, 2010

Q. Thinking about Australian industries and the ways in which the Government can give them assistance and support – which forms of assistance and support do you think the Government should give to the following industries? (multi-response)

  Lower tax rates Direct subsidies and grants Protection from overseas competition Total should give assistance Should not give any assistance Don’t know
Agriculture 34% 44% 45% 79% 7% 14%
Renewable energy e.g. solar panels, wind farms 34% 56% 19% 79% 7% 14%
Other manufacturing e.g. clothing, whitegoods 24% 16% 43% 69% 14% 17%
Car manufacturing 22% 18% 39% 66% 16% 18%
Mining 13% 9% 19% 37% 42% 21%
Banking and finance 13% 3% 12% 25% 57% 18%
Media e.g. newspapers, TV stations 5% 5% 12% 21% 58% 21%

More than three-quarters of respondents are in favour of Government assistance and support for agriculture and renewable energy industries. 45% believe that agriculture should receive protection from overseas competition and 56% support direct grants and subsidies for renewable energy.

About two-thirds are in favour of Government support for car and other manufacturing industries – especially protection from overseas competition.

Media (21%) and banking and finance (25%) are thought to be least deserving of Government support.

By voting intention Liberal/National voters were a little more likely to favour Government support for agriculture (87%) and mining (44%).


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