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Government approach to Asylum Seekers

12 Jul 2010

 Q. Do you think the Federal Labor Government is too tough or too soft on asylum seekers or is it taking the right approach?

  12 July 10 4 April 10
Too tough 10% 6%
Too soft 56% 65%
Taking the right approach 21% 18%
Don’t know 13% 11%

 10% think the Government is too tough on asylum seekers, 56% too soft and 21% think they are taking the right approach. Since this question was asked three months ago, the percentage thinking the Government is too soft is down 9%, too tough up 4% and “the right approach” up 3%.

 Among Labor voters 43% say they are too soft, 37% think they are taking the right approach and 11% think they are too tough. 81% of Liberal/National voters think they are too soft, 4% too tough and 10% taking the right approach. Greens voters are split – 38% think they are too tough, 28% too soft and 23% taking the right approach.

 There are some differences of opinion by age – among the under 35’s, 46% think they are too soft, 14% too tough and 19% taking the right approach. Among those aged 55+, 66% think they are too soft, 8% too tough and 22% taking the right approach.