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Federal politics – voting intention

Apr 19, 2010

Q. If there was a Federal election held today, to which party would you probably give your first preference?   

Q. If you ‘don’t know’ on the above question, which party are you currently leaning to?  

1,988 sample size

2 week average % 2PP 2PP shift from last week
Liberal 37%    
National 2%    
Total Lib/Nat 39% 46%
Labor 42% 54%
Greens 11%    
Family First 2%    
Other/Independent 7%    

 NB.  The data in the above table is derived from our weekly first preference voting question.  Respondents who select ‘don’t know’ as their first preference are not included in the results. 

* Sample is the culmination of two week’s polling data.  


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