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Federal politics – voting intention

6 Apr 2010

Q. If there was a Federal election held today, to which party would you probably give your first preference?  

Q. If you ‘don’t know’ on the above question, which party are you currently leaning to?  

*1900 sample size

2 week average % 2PP 2PP shift from last week
Liberal 36%    
National 3%    
Total Lib/Nat 39% 46%
Labor 43% 54%
Greens 10%    
Family First 2%    
Other/Independent 7%    

 NB.  The data in the above table is derived from our weekly first preference voting question.  Respondents who select ‘don’t know’ as their first preference are not included in the results. 

* Sample is the culmination of two week’s polling data.