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Aug 11, 2020

Q. Do you think a Federal Government led by Labor or the Coalition would be better at…?

  Coalition Labor Neither
Reducing national debt 45% 27% 28%
Managing the economy 45% 32% 24%
Stopping community transmission of Covid-19 as soon as possible 39% 31% 30%
Working with other countries’ leaders appropriately 38% 34% 28%
Creating jobs 37% 40% 23%
Supporting those in financial need 35% 43% 22%
Improving the education system 32% 41% 27%


  • A Coalition government is thought to be better than Labor at governance issues such as recovering the economy from Covid-19 (46% Coalition), reducing national debt (45%) and managing the economy (44%).
  • Elements where Labor is seen to do a better job than the Coalition is in improving the education system (41%), supporting those in financial need (43%) an creating jobs (40%).
  • Across all issues between one-fifth (22%) and almost a third (30%) of participants believe that neither party would be better at any of the listed elements.


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