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Federal Election

5 Dec 2011

Q. Do you think the Labor Government should run its full term until 2013 when the next Federal election is due or should a new election be held now?

5 Sept 11 Total Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens
Should run to 2013 40% 47% 89% 20% 73%
Should hold election now 48% 41% 7% 74% 16%
Don’t know 12% 12% 4% 6% 11%

47% think that the Labor Government should be allowed to run its full term trough to 2013 and 41% think a new election should be held. This is almost exactly the reverse of the results when this question was previously asked in September when 48% thought an election should be held now and 40% thought the Government should run its full term.

Support for the Government to run its full term has increased among Labor voters (from 82% to 89%) and Liberal/National voters (11% to 20%) but dropped from 80% to 73% for Greens voters.