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Expected winner

Apr 30, 2019

Q. Which party do you expect will win the 2019 Federal election and form Government?       

  Total Vote Labor Vote Liberal / National Vote Greens NET: Vote Other
Labor 59% 95% 26% 73% 47%
Liberal/National 41% 5% 74% 27% 53%
  • 59% of voters believe Labor will be victorious over the Liberal/National coalition in the 2019 Federal election. Expectations among supporters of the Labor party are high, with 95% believe Labour will win. The majority of Coalition voters (74%) and those intending to vote for another party/independent candidate (53%) expect the Coalition to form Government following the election.
  • A majority of both men (60%) and women (58%) expect Labor to win the election.
  • Over half of each of the age ranges 18-34 (61%), 35-54 (61%) and 55+ (56%) also expect Labour to form the next Government.


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