Expected restriction levels

Jul 28, 2020

Q. In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, what do you expect will happen to the restriction levels in your local area over the next two months?

    Gender State
  Total Male Female NSW VIC QLD SA WA
I expect restrictions will become tighter 39% 35% 43% 53% 38% 37% 25% 16%
I expect no change to the restrictions 39% 42% 37% 35% 40% 39% 44% 51%
I expect restrictions will have eased 22% 23% 20% 12% 22% 24% 31% 33%
Base (n) 1,058 538 520 352 239 220 88 110


  • Australians are preparing for a continuation, or tightening of restrictions over the next few months. 39% expect tighter restrictions in their local area and the same number do not expect any change to the current rules and guidelines. About one in five (22%) believe that restrictions will ease.
  • Women (43%) and residents of New South Wales (53%) are most likely to expect restrictions to become tighter; while men (35%) and Western Australia residents (16%) are less likely to expect this.


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