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Expansion of Coal Industry

Sep 15, 2015

Q. Do you think Australia should or should not continue to expand our coal industry – including approving new mines and building railway lines and ports?

  Total   Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens Vote Other   Dec 2014
Should continue to expand 38% 31% 55% 14% 39% 34%
Should not continue to expand 33% 41% 20% 69% 37% 40%
Don’t know 29% 28% 25% 17% 24% 26%

The largest proportion of Australians (38%) believe that the coal industry should continue to expand. However this was closely followed by a significant proportion (33%) who thought it should not expand.

29% don’t know if the coal industry should expand or not.

55% of Coalition voters believe the coal industry should expand, compared to just 31% of Labor and 14% of Greens voters.

Males (43%) were more likely than females (33%) to think that the coal industry should expand.

Compared to December 2014 there has been a drop in the number of people saying the coal industry should not expand (from 40% down to 33%), but only a small rise in those saying it should.


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