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Environmental groups

15 Nov 2016

Q. Currently, donations to charities, including environmental protection, social welfare and religious organisations, are tax deductible. Donations to political parties are also tax deductible.  Do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

  Total agree Total disagree   Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree Don’t know
Environmental groups should be able to publicly criticise the government if it makes decisions that cause environmental destruction. 74% 11%   34% 40% 7% 4% 15%
I should be able to make a tax deduction for donations I make to environmental groups such as WWF and ACF 70% 13%   30% 40% 8% 5% 17%
Environmental groups play an important role to play in holding the government to account for environmentally destructive decisions. 69% 14%   28% 41% 9% 5% 16%
Environmental groups should be able to take the government to court if the government makes a decision that does not comply with environmental law 67% 16%   32% 35% 10% 6% 17%

More than two-thirds agreed with each statement.

70% agree that donations to environmental groups should be tax deductible and 74% agree that environmental groups should be able to publicly criticise the Government.

82% of Greens voters, 73% of Labor voters and 69% of Liberal/National voters agree donations should be tax deductible.