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Energy Policy

6 Jun 2017

Q. Government energy policy attempts to minimize costs, ensure reliability and reduce emissions. Do you think one of these should be prioritised over the others?

  Total   Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens Vote Other
Keeping the cost of energy down should be prioritised 28%   28% 33% 11% 33%
Reducing carbon emissions should be prioritised 21%   21% 15% 49% 16%
Maintaining the reliability of energy supply should be prioritised 19%   19% 22% 8% 28%
We do not need to prioritise – all can be achieved 21%   23% 21% 22% 19%
Don’t know 12%   10% 9% 9% 4%

28% thought that keeping the costs of energy down should be prioritised over reducing emissions and maintaining network reliability. This was the most popular option for Liberal/National voters (33%) and ALP voters (28%).

The most popular option among Greens voters was to prioritise the reduction of carbon emissions (49%).

South Australians were more likely than other states to prefer the reliability of energy supply to be prioritised (31%).