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Emissions Intensity Scheme or Low Emissions Target

14 Jun 2017

Q. An “emissions intensity scheme” and a “low emissions target” are two policy options which aim to reduce Australia’s carbon emissions.=

An emissions intensity scheme is designed to increase the cost of electricity production from high-emitting sources (like coal and gas) while decreasing the cost of less polluting sources (like renewables).

A low emissions target would expand the current Renewable Energy Target to include non-renewable electricity sources with emissions intensities below a certain limit. Depending on the emissions limit, this could include certain types of coal and gas technologies.

Which of the proposals would you prefer?

  Total   Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens Vote Other
Emissions intensity scheme (EIS) 20%   24% 14% 46% 12%
Low emissions target (LET) 45%   46% 51% 31% 48%
Don’t know 36%   29% 35% 23% 40%


45% preferred an LET, 20% preferred an EIS, and 36% did not know which proposal they preferred.

Those most likely to prefer an LET were those aged 65+ (51%), Liberal/National voters (51%) and those earning over $104k per year (50%).

Greens voters were the only demographic group which preferred an EIS to a LET, with 46% preferring an EIS.