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Countries doing enough on climate change

Jul 14, 2015

Q. As far as you know, do you think the following countries are doing enough, not enough or too much to address climate change?

  Doing enough Not doing enough Doing too much Don’t know   Doing enough

Dec 2014

Not doing enough Dec 2014
Australia 28% 53% 6% 14% 26% 51%
USA 18% 57% 3% 23% 17% 53%
China 11% 69% 1% 19% 9% 63%

53% of respondents think Australia is not doing enough to address climate change – while 57% think the USA is not doing enough and 69% think China is not doing enough. Only 28% think that Australia is doing enough.

Those most likely to think Australia is not doing enough were aged 18-34 (60%), Greens voters (95%), Labor voters (69%) and people with university education (65%).


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