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Cost of Living

Jun 6, 2011

Q. What do you think is the main reason for the increasing cost of living?

Total Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens
The strong Australian dollar 17% 30% 9% 17%
Excessive company profits 18% 24% 10% 27%
Lack of competition 14% 18% 9% 24%
Economic management of the Federal Government 28% 8% 51% 9%
Economic management of State Governments 6% 3% 8% 6%
Wage increases 4% 3% 4% 3%
Don’t know 14% 14% 8% 14%

28% believe that economic management of the Federal Government is the main reason for the increasing cost of living. 18% blame excessive company profits and 17% the strong Australian dollar. Only 4% said wage increases.

Most of those blaming the Federal Government were Liberal/National voters. Labor voters nominated the strong Australian dollar and excessive company profits while Greens votes said excessive company profits and lack of competition.


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