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Concern about Liberals Re-introducing WorkChoices

31 May 2010

Q. If the Liberals won the election and reintroduced WorkChoices or similar laws, how concerned would you be?    

Very concerned 28%
Quite concerned 17%
A little concerned 20%
Not concerned 24%
Don’t know 11%

Overall, 45% were very or quite concerned about the reintroduction of WorkChoices or similar laws and 44% either a little or not concerned.  77% of Labor voters were concerned compared to 20% of Liberal/National voters. 50% of full-time workers were very/quite concerned and 39% a little or not concerned.
Q. The Opposition Leader Tony Abbot has indicated he would remove the unfair dismissal laws and he would re-institute AWA Individual contracts. How concerned are you about this?

  Very concerned Quite concerned A little concerned Not concerned Don’t know
Removal of unfair dismissal rights 36% 17% 20% 16% 11%
Re-institution of AWA individual contracts 27% 17% 19% 23% 14%

53% were very/quite concerned about the removal of unfair dismissal rights and 44% very/quite concerned about re-institution of individual contracts. 77% of Labor voters and 24% of Liberal/National voters were concerned about removal of unfair dismissal rights. 70% of Labor voters and 16% of Liberal/National voters were concerned about re-institution of individual contracts.  There were no substantial differences across demographic groups.