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Concern about Liberals Bringing Back WorkChoices

12 Jul 2010

Q. If the Liberals won the election and reintroduced WorkChoices or similar laws, how concerned would you be?  


  12 July 10 31 May 10
Very concerned 29% 28%
Quite concerned 19% 17%
A little concerned 16% 20%
Not concerned 25% 24%
Don’t know 11% 11%


48% would be quite or very concerned if WorkChoices or similar laws were re-introduced and 41% were only a little or not concerned. These figures are little changed since this question was last asked six weeks ago.

76% of Labor voters and 71% of Greens voters would be concerned. 77% of Liberal/National voters would be a little/not concerned and 17% concerned. Respondents aged 25-44 were the most concerned group – 55% very/quite concerned to 32% a little/not concerned.