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Coal or Renewables

Jun 20, 2017

Q. Would you prefer the construction of a new coal-fired power station, or more investment in renewable sources (such as solar and wind power), to meet Australia’s future energy supply needs?

  Total   Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens Vote Other
Prefer coal-fired power plant 18%   12% 26% 1% 30%
Prefer more investment in renewable sources 64%   75% 57% 90% 55%
Don’t know 18%   14% 17% 10% 15%

64% would prefer investment in renewable energy sources to meet future energy supply needs, and 18% would prefer new coal-fired power plants. 18% did not know which they preferred.

Those most likely to prefer investment in renewable energy sources were Greens voters (90% prefer), 18-24 year olds (76%), and ALP voters (75%).

While a majority of all demographic groups preferred more investment in renewable energy sources, those most likely to prefer the construction of new coal-fired power plants were those aged 65+ (31% prefer), other party/independent voters (30%) and Liberal/National voters (26%).


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