Christmas Spending

Dec 5, 2011

Q. And now about Christmas spending – compared to last year, do you expect to be spending more on gifts at Christmas, less or much the same?

Dec 08 Dec 09 Nov 10 Dec 11
Will spend more 3% 11% 10% 13%
Will be spending less 38% 38% 38% 40%
Spend much the same 55% 47% 48% 44%
Don’t know 5% 4% 5% 3%

Views about spending on gifts at Christmas remain similar to last year’s. 13% say they will spend more (up 3%), 40% spend less (up 2%) and 44% much the same (down 4%).

23% of those aged under 35 say they will spend more, 46% of those aged 35-44 will spend less and 56% of those aged 55+ will spend much the same. There is no significant relationship between changes in spending and income.


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