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Christmas Spending

Nov 29, 2010

Q. And now about Christmas spending – compared to last year, do you expect to be spending more on gifts at Christmas, less or much the same?

Dec 08 Dec 09 Nov 10
Will spend more 3% 11% 10%
Will be spending less 38% 38% 38%
Spend much the same 55% 47% 48%
Don’t know 5% 4% 5%

Views about spending on gifts at Christmas remain much the same as last year. 10% say they will spend more, 38% spend less and 48% much the same.

16% of those aged under 35 say they will spend more, 46% of those aged 35-44 will spend less and 59% of those aged 55+ will spend much the same. There is no significant relationship between changes in spending and income.


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