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Changes to 457 visas

Apr 26, 2017

Q. Under 457 visas, businesses could employ foreign workers for up to 4 years in more than 650 occupations. The Federal Government is proposing to replace the 457 visas with new visas which are more restrictive and reduce the number of occupations that foreign workers can apply for. Do you think these changes –

  Total   Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens Vote other
Go too far in regulating foreign workers 16%   22% 12% 27% 11%
Don’t go far enough in regulating foreign workers 28%   27% 30% 21% 42%
Are about right 39%   34% 47% 35% 36%
Don’t know 17%   17% 11% 17% 11%

39% think that the proposed changes to the 457 visa program are about right.

Those most likely to think the changes are about right were Liberal/National voters (47%) and those aged 55-64 (45%).

Those most likely to think the changes go too far are those aged 18-24 (34%) and Greens voters (27%).

Those most likely to think changes do not go far enough were those aged 65+ (43%), other party/independent voters (42%) and those earning less than $31,200 per year (40%).


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