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Budget impact on voting intention

Apr 9, 2019

Q. To what extent has the Budget impacted your likelihood to vote for the Coalition at the upcoming Federal election?           

  Total Vote Labor Vote Liberal / National Vote Greens NET: Vote Other
It has made me more likely to vote for them 17% 10% 31% 9% 14%
It has not changed my likelihood to vote or not vote for them 61% 52% 65% 64% 58%
It has made me less likely to vote for them 22% 38% 4% 27% 28%
  • 61% said the Budget would have no effect on the way they intend to vote at the next election.
  • The Budget has strengthened the vote within Coalition support, with 31% saying the Budget has made them more likely to vote for the Coalition.
  • 38% of Labor voters are less likely to consider the Coalition as a result of the Budget, with 10% of Labor voters saying they are more likely to consider switching their vote.


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