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Better Prime Minster – Rudd or Hockey

22 Mar 2010

Q. And who do you think would be the best Prime Minister out of Kevin Rudd and Joe Hockey?

Kevin Rudd 53%
Joe Hockey 27%
Don’t know 20%

In a choice between Rudd and Hockey as Prime Minister – over half (53%) think Rudd would make a better Prime Minister, 27% prefer Hockey and 20% don’t know. 

Results followed party lines – 88% of Labor voters prefer Rudd and 56% of Coalition voters prefer Hockey. 

Hockey performs better than Rudd amongst those that don’t know which party they will vote for in the next Federal election (50%). 

People aged 65 years and over were more likely to prefer Hockey (42%) and 18 – 24 year olds were more likely to indicate they don’t know (31%).