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Better Prime Minister

Jul 5, 2010

Q. Who do you think would make the better Prime Minister out of Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott?

Total Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens Kevin Rudd v Tony Abbott

21 Jun 10

Julia Gillard v Tony Abbott

28 Jun 10

Julia Gillard 53% 94% 12% 72% 47% 49%
Tony Abbott 26% 2% 70% 3% 30% 29%
Don’t know 21% 4% 18% 24% 23% 22%

53% think Julia Gillard would make the better Prime Minister and 26% prefer Tony Abbott – somewhat better than Kevin Rudd’s last result of 47%/30% and also better than last week’s figures for Julia Gillard just after she became Prime Minister.

Men prefer Julia Gillard over Tony Abbott 48% to 31% and women 57%/22%.


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