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Better Prime Minister – Abbott or Gillard

Mar 22, 2010

Q. Who do you think would be the best Prime Minister out of Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard?

Tony Abbott 37%
Julia Gillard 47%
Don’t know 17%

Just under half (47%) of those surveyed think that Gillard would make a better Prime Minister, 37% selected Abbott and 17% don’t know. 

 Results followed party lines – 78% of Labor voters selected Gillard and 79% of Coalition voters selected Abbott. 

61% of Green voters think that Gillard would make a better Prime Minister than Abbott.  

Males were more likely than females to select Abbott (40% v 34%).   46% of males and 47% of females chose Gillard.  

People aged 65 years and over were more likely to think Abbott would make a better Prime Minister (47%) and people aged 18 – 24 were more likely to indicate they don’t know (31%). 


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